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About Us

Welcome to CoeusFX

We are an investment company, using blockchain technology to drive secure and profitable investments and manage portfolios for our clients. We take our client's financial dreams and make them a reality.

At CoeusFX, we take resposibility for investor's success and portfolio performance.

CoeusFX builds and manages portfolios tailored to the investor's financial needs, and deploys technology with expertise to ensure these finanical goals are met.

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Easy Deposits

The deposit platform is user-friendly and almost one click away.

Dedicated Team

Professional team that knows their way around the financial market.

24/7 Available

Watch your investments reported in real time.

Investor Onboarding Process

What We Do

Our Expertize & Services

Our offered assets bring high returns for our clients, who have trusted us for over 6 years now.

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Identify Assets

We identify high potential assets using our intelligent financial markets systems, combined with expert advice.

Analyze Risks

We carry out risk-reward analysis to determine the risk exposure for each asset we select.

Manage Portfolio

We create and manage client portfolio using artificial intelligence and expert investment managers.


Our Selected Assets

Here are our major instruments from which we build investors' portfolios. These instruments and their underlying assets were carefully selected, using high-end fundamental and technical analysis.